Cordless PowerDuo

Cordless PowerDuo

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Power meets mobility with the PowerDuo by Americanails. PowerCure Cordless Dual Cure Lamp with USB 2A output can be used to power the PowerFile USB E-File. The lithium-ion battery in the PowerCure lamp will power both the lamp and the e-file without the need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. PowerCure features: three timer settings, sensor activation, removable magnetic base and a super glossy acetone resistant finish.

PowerFile features:

  • easy to use controls built into convenient spring cord
  • lightweight handpiece
  • forward/reverse operation and adjustable speeds up to 25,000RPM

PowerFile can be powered by PowerCure or any USB 2A output. Includes a plug adapter to plug the e-file into an electrical outlet.


  • 4 bits
  • 2 sanding bands
  • handpiece cradle

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